Thinkbabymusic: In—Print Issue Nº 07 2019


Digital Release*

Catalogue: TC043-19C
Release (Fall 2019)
UPC: 5200138620186
Language: English, Greek
In Print 07
In Print 07


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21.0 x 29.7cm
68 Pages
Saddle Stitch

Experimental art, music, literature, photography, and culture © Thinkbabymusic Collective.

Featuring Ryan Townley, Welcome Skateboards, Grebo Gray, Nicholas Megalis, Vasia Bakogianni, Lee Cheri, Dimitris Lambridis, Azraq Sàhara, Vasilis Stergiou, The Thing About Greece, Tzitzifriki, Courtney Barnett, Vice Lesley, Cathedral Echo, I don't Do Interviews, The Psychic Readers, Brian M. Viveros, and Ed Templeton.

Cover photo © Úrsula Madariaga